How the gut and the brain communicate is a subject of increasing fascination and public health significance. Several modern health threats have been linked to the gut-brain axis, ranging from diabetes to autism.  Therefore, research for therapeutic development demands a multidisciplinary approach. To address this need, in 2014, we established a multidisciplinary focus group at Duke called Gastronauts.

Since January of 2015, the group has met every first Tuesday of the month. This past September, we organized the first Gastronauts symposium on gut-brain mattersThe symposium brought world-renowned speakers in the field of gut-brain neurobiology: including Mike Gershon author of the Second Brain, Emeran Mayer author of mind-bending microbes, and Kevin Tracey a pioneer of peripheral electroceuticals to treat the brain.


Speakers 2016-17 


Lawrence David – Duke. Gut microbial ecology
Nov 1st

Scott Magness – UNC Chapel Hill. Single Cell Sequencing
Oct 5th