The NIH-SPARC program is catalyzing research of peripheral neural circuits. Its support is allowing The Bohórquez Laboratory, in collaboration with Duke Bioengineer Dr. Xiling Shen, to research intestinal neuroepithelial circuits.

The Dana Foundation

The Dana Foundation, through its prestigious David Mahoney Neuroimaging Grant, supports investigators conducting cutting-edge research to visualize the nervous system in action. The award is enabling the development of intra-vital imaging methods in The Bohórquez Laboratory.

The Hartwell Foundation

The Hartwell Fellowship is awarded annually to a handful of young investigators in the United States. Candidates are selected through a competitive nomination process at the University level, followed by rigorous selection at the National level. The fellowship is supporting The Bohórquez Laboratory to conduct research on gut sensory function in the context of autism.


This is a collaborative research grant between investigators from the Johns Hopkins University and Duke University. At Duke, the investigators are Dr. Xiling Shen, an associate professor of Biomedical Engineer, and Dr. Bohórquez.


The Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill awards a pilot research award to The Bohórquez Laboratory. The CGIBD promotes multidisciplinary digestive disease research.


The Elsevier Pilot Research Award from the American Gastroenterological Association was the first award received by the newly formed Bohórquez Laboratory.


Dr. Bohórquez was awarded a 5 year Career Development Award by the National Institutes of Health. The award is to research the innervation of gut sensory cells — a core subject of of gut-brain signaling.