Down under

Diego is invited to present at the Charles Perkins Institute – The University of Sydney, The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation – The University of Queensland, and the XIX Australasian Chemosensory Sciende Meeting in Hamilton Island – Australia.  The Bohórquez Laboratory is thankful to all organizers with special appreciation to Dr. Eugeni Roura.


Our second halo-gutsy custome competition.

Maya rocking at CGIBD

Maya presents a summary of her work at the annual competition of the UNC – Chapel Hill Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease.

Ultra-structure in 3D

Dr. Sara Miller, the director of the Duke Electron Microscopy Facility, led a succesful effort to bring electron microscopy in 3D to Duke University. Our lab was there to help unbox the machine.

# Ideasqueviajan

“Gut meets brain” at the #ideasqueviajan in Santiago, Chile.

Grass Lecture 2017

Diego is invited back to Lecture to The Grass Fellows class of 2017. Thank you to all Fellows with special appreciation to Dr. Jenna Sternberg and soon to be Dr. Alexander Chamessian.

TED talk

Gutbrains makes it to the annual TED stage in Vancouver…

Kelly wins an HHMI Fellowship

Kelly Buchanan is awarded a Medical Research Fellowship by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Kelly will be teasing apart the electrical networks that link the gut lumen with cranial nerves.

Envisioning information

Producing data is 50%, converting those into information, is the other 50% of scientific evidence. Attending Edward Tufte’s renowned seminar was a solid intro to the principles of effective data visualization.

Monell Chemical Senses Center

“Gut meets brain” at The Research Seminar Series of the Monell Chemical Senses Center.


This mythical machine will help us visualize gut feelings in action.

Ideas worth spreading

“What do a gut-brain neurobiologist, a Chinese entrepreneur innovating food delivery, and an investigative journalist reporting on authoritarian regimes in the Central African Republic have in common?…”

Oh my gut!

Maya and Marguerita win our first Halloween custom competition. Marguerita pays homage to XVI century Julius Caeseri and Maya assembled a human window to the gut… with glowing gut sensor cells 😱


We don’t usually get together after hours, but when we do – the sky is the limit.


The laboratory is invited to present at The British Society for Endocrinology and King’s College in London.

Bringing STORY to science

As part of her postdoctoral training, Dr. Kaelberer attends the legendary STORY seminar by Robert McKee. Mr. McKee is one of the most recognized creative writing instructors in the world and a Guru of Story Structure – the most effective form of communicating facts.


The first Gastronauts symposium on gut brain matters took place on the Duke Campus on September 9 2016. Thanks to a campus wide collaborative effort, this symposium was the first of it’s kind – a platform that brought together thought leaders, scientists, and funding agencies driving forward the exploration of gut brain signaling.

More here… 

Medical school science day

Ben presents a screenshot of his upcoming article. During his 3rd year of medical school training, his work granted him first authorship on an article describing the complete nanostructure of the intestinal tuft cell.

Megan shining on the stage

Megan obtained HONORS for her thesis work. She invested her 3rd year of medical training learning techniques to visualize gut-brain neural circuits.

Little Brain Big Brain

The Bohórquez Laboratory is invited to present at the the Little Brain Big Brain meeting. The LBBB is a biennial meeting for young investigators in the field of neurogastroenterology.

Ultrapath in Lisbon

The Society for Ultrastructural Pathology invites The Bohórquez Laboratory to present our work on the three-dimensional ultrastructure of sensory epithelial cells. Diego’s intervention was sponsored by Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC.


Diego is invited to speak the the 17th International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste (ISOT2016) in Yokohama, Japan –  a country with a profound culture and taste.

CSHL - One cell at a time

Dr. Maya Kaelberer, postdoctoral fellow in The Bohórquez Laboratory, is selected to attend the prestigious single cell analysis course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in NY.  From single cell omics to bioinformatics, Maya is using these tools to probe deeper into gut sensory epithelial cells, one cell at a time. Our neuropod cells landed in the front of the course T-shirt!

Grass Lecture 2016

Diego is invited to Lecture to The Grass Fellows class of 2016. One of a kind experience to come back to The Grass Laboratory as Lecturer.

Rock the Room!

Attending Victoria Labalme’s Rock the Room workshop to learn the art and science behind delivering a message. Highlights included: storyboarding tips from “Inside Out” director – Pete Docter.

Nutrient Sensing Meeting in Copenhagen

The Bohórquez Lab is invited to present at the Copenhagen Bioscence Conference on nutrient and metabolite sensing. The topics covered ranged from nutrient receptors to enteroendocrine cells and afferent vagal circuits.

CSHL - Neuroimaging Course

Diego attends the Neuroimaging course at The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Memorabilia includes a 30 minute chat and a selfie with Dr. James Watson.

Neuropods in The New Yorker

Writing for The New Yorker, reporter Nicola Twilley highlights our human obsession with the brain in the stomach and the importance of the discovery of a gut neuroepithelial circuit. Click here for more.

The Lab's first workhorse

The Lab acquires is first piece of equipment. Mug not included. Mug leftover from previous experience. (Funding generously provided by the Bohórquez family 😁)

The future begins here

To chase our mission – To treat the brain from the gut.


Diego received a fellowship in the neurosciences to spend the summer of 2014 at the famous Grass Laboratory of the MBL. Woods Hole, MA

Neuropods in 3D

The use of recent technologies to study neural circuits are allowing us to unravel the gut connectome. Here is a highlight.

MBL Neurobiology Course

Diego receives an scholarship to attend to the MBL Neurobiology Course. Often referred as Disneyland for Scientists, the MBL is a magical place where transformative science is accomplished by remarkable people.

A Nobel Interview

In 2011, Diego had the opportunity to interview Prof. Oliver Smithies in Lindau, Germany. Prof. Smithies was a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2007 for his discovery of homologous recombination. For a young scientist, this was one memorable and influential conversation.